Online courses in November

There’s a week left to sign up to a GenClass genealogy course in November. Each course lasts for 4 weeks and costs US$34.50
The courses are:
Adoption investigative course
This class provides not only instructions of how to search, but addresses the emotional aspects that affect such a deeply personal and poignant endeavor.
Australian and New Zealand genealogy
How to research your family in Australian and New Zealand records. Learn how to use the online indexes and find the digitized records that can help overcome the “Tyranny of Distance”.
Native American genealogy
All areas for each of the different tribes in North American are covered from the Canadian First People to the various tribes in the United States.
Basic English research
Start researching your English ancestors using both paper-based and online resources. Learn how to find the “bones” of your family using birth, marriage and death records, the censuses, parish registers and wills.
Canadian research – part 3
After the census, the next most important series of records are more specific. Specific types, and ethnicities of persons and the records created about them. And, of course, immigration – which includes passenger lists – and Government records.
Eastern European genealogy – the basics
This class will show you how to begin researching your Central and Eastern European roots using both traditional and online sources.
Family Tree Maker 2009 – the basics
The program has been completely redone and has many new features that are available to you, if only you knew where they were. Learn your way around this new Family Tree Maker as well as learning how to enter your information including names, dates, media and sources.
Lost friends and family
Have you ever wanted to locate a lost love or missing relative? Reminisce with a military buddy or childhood friend? Don’t let another year pass without that special someone back in your life!
Salt Lake City – part 1
Using the Internet, access the largest genealogical library in the world located in Salt Lake City – without ever leaving your home! Perform searches, knowledgeably; and more importantly – understand what you’ve found.
Scottish genealogy
This extensive class will provide a detailed description of what you need to know to track your Scottish ancestry.
Write your family history step-by-step
You don’t have to be a prize-winning novelist to capture your family’s story on paper! This class will cover how to document your family’s story in simple manageable steps.
Each course begins on Saturday 1 November and ends on Friday 28 November.
What better way to spend cold November evenings!

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