Glamorous in flannel

Happy New Year!

Tidying up after visitors in this house always seems to involve books in some way.  Today I came something that I’d forgotten about and which seems appropriate for this freezing weather:

Flannel dressing-gown with silk revers, trimmed with lace
Flannel dressing-gown with silk revers, trimmed with lace
At this cold season of the year I cannot conclude without drawing attention to some of the useful and homely flannels suitable for dressing-gowns, blouses , etc. Viyella, I certainly think, takes first rank.  It is obtainable in such fine makes, and does not thicken or shrink in the washing.  It is brought out in a variety of such pretty shades and designs, a happy contrast to the old idea that the  real virtue of wool was indissolubly wedded to a tone of dirty blue-grey, or else to a terrible fiery red, suggestive of almshouses.

The wise manufacturers of the day know well that they must forge ahead with Dame Fashion, who is changeable as the winds, and fickle as a butterfly.  Consequently, new patterns in this said Viyella are ever being brought to our notice, and we now can obtain most delightful and really smart garments, sufficiently warm and cosy in texture to satisfy the demands of the most rheumatic or invalid.

(The Lady’s Realm, January 1899)

The brand name Viyella was registered in 1894 to describe an innovative fabric made of 55% Merino wool and 45% cotton and which was the first fabric to be given a brand name.  The name Viyella came from the Vi Jella valley, near Matlock in Derbyshire where the company of William Hollins had a spinning mill.

The original company was founded in 1784, and still exists today under the name of Viyella and you can find a short history here


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